The Miracle Mineral Supplement - Why So Popular & Widely Used?

The MMS Supplement has been available to the puplic for quite some time, & in fact has been used in our municipal water supplies for going on 6 decades. Only recently has this product become known to the alternative health arena, but in this short period of time it has become amazingly popular. Why, you may ask? Well, its because this product works - and works well! Learn about the man behind this product...

Jim Humble - The man behind the Miracle...

Back in the mid 1990's Jim was on a mining expedition deep within the Jungles of South America.Without warning one of his companions was struck down with Malaria, so Jim quickly administered his special MMSPathogens are no match for the Potent Chlorine Dioxide Molecule... solution - needless to say, the rest is history!

What Exactly did Mr Humble Discover?

Not long after returning home to the USA, Jim discovered that the active compound within the MMS solution is in fact chlorine dioxide -a chemical compound that is absolutely deadly against the Malaria parasite (the same parasite responsible for millions of deaths each year)! Suffice to say, Mr Humble continued his research!

Interestingly enough, it was becoming increasinly clear that the potent chlorine dioxide compound was not only deadly against the Malaria parasite, but also lethal to a broad range of bacteria, parasites, fungi - even certain viruses as well!

 Unfortunately, powerful regulatory bodies the world over have been actively attempting to shut down the availability of this product. The question is just how long will the MMS Solution remain available - time will tell...


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