Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

The Uses of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an water purification product that has long been used to make water potable. It does this by destroying the biofilm of pathogens - when this happens the pathogen becomes unstable & begins to break down.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical is a weak chemical oxidizer that is capable of moving through water and kill pathogens responsible for the Malaria Parasite... for diseases without interfering with anything else. The supplement is also able to destroy The Malaria Parasite at Work Within the Body - the MMS Solution may be the Answer...poisons and metals that are found in water. In order for it to perform these tasks, this compound is activated using Citric Acid which makes it a powerful pathogen destroyer. Here is a list of some of its major uses.


This has been used for treating burns. However, when being used for this purpose, this product should be used without any citric acid but rather it is applied directly from the bottle as it is (meaning just the sodium chlorite). When treating a burn, you should ensure that it is fully soaked and give it five minutes to absorb.  It is not really known how this assists with burns, but it does seem to help. In traditional terms this is often called the MMS product.



It has been shown that chlorine dioxide is deadly against the Malaria parasite - & when added to water that mosquitoes may frequent will certainly kill the lava. Each drop of MMS supplement should be activated using five drops of citric acid. After adding the citric acid, leave the mixture for three minutes after which you add half a glass of water or juice. The drink should be taken immediately after it has been made. You can then prepare another similar dose after an hour and take. After four hours of the second dose, the malaria symptoms will have gone away.


Food Poisoning

People have also noticed improvement with using chlorine dioxide at the time of having an acute food poisoning episode.  There have been positive reports on those who have been using the compound.  This should be the routine for the next three weeks. When beginning the treatment, one should start with smaller doses of one or two drops per hour. This will depend on how sick a person is. If one happens to be very ill, they should take a half a drop or one each hour. The MMS mineral solution is one of those things that is best put aside for a time when needed.


Leeches - Nasty Little Guys Indeed!Infections

Bacterial infections are recognized to be among the leading killers across the world. But this compound can assist in certain instances. As bacteria do have strong bio-film, when it is broken down the bacteria will die. Bacteria is the main reason food will spoil over time - the more bacterial that is kept from food surfaces the longer it will last.