Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

The Uses of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Miracle Mineral Supplement is an alternative medicine that was discovered by Jim Humble. It was during one of his gold mining trips that he discovered the amazing benefits of Chlorine dioxide. He gave the compound to malaria patients who showed signs of recovery after taking a dose of the miracle mineral solution.
MMS is a chemical is a weak chemical oxidizer that is capable of moving through water and kill pathogens responsible for theMalaria Parasite... for diseases without interfering with anything else. The supplement is also able to destroy The Malaria Parasite at Work Within the Body.poisons and metals that are found in water. In order for it to perform these tasks, this compound is activated using Citric Acid which makes it a powerful pathogen destroyer. Here is a list of some of its major uses.


MMS can be used for treating burns. However, when being used for this purpose, MMS should be used without any citric acid but rather it is applied directly from the bottle as it is. When treating a burn, you should ensure that it is fully soaked and give it five minutes to absorb. Within one-quarter of the required healing time, the burn will have healed. The pain should go down immediately or after a few minutes after MMS supplement is applied.



When using MMS for treating malaria, adults are required to take a dose of 15 drops. Each drop of MMS supplement should be activated using five drops of citric acid. After adding the citric acid, leave the mixture for three minutes after which you add half a glass of water or juice. The drink should be taken immediately after it has been made. You can then prepare another similar dose after an hour and take. After four hours of the second dose, the malaria symptoms will have gone away.



People with HIV/AIDS are also benefiting from the use of MMS. There have been positive reports on those who have been using the supplement. HIV/AIDs is treated using protocol 1000. The patient is required to take three drops of Leaches...Miracle Mineral Supplement every hour for eight hours each day. This should be the routine for the next three weeks. When beginning the treatment, one should start with smaller doses of one or two drops per hour. This will depend on how sick a person is. If one happens to be very ill, they should take a half a drop or one each hour. They can then gradually increase the dose when the body builds up some strength and tolerance to the solution.


Leeches - Nasty Little Guys Indeed!Staph Infections

Staph is recognized to be among the leading killers across the world. But this compound can offer the remedy to this condition. Within one or two days, MMS can clear staph. The treatment for staph is MMS protocol 1000. When treating staph, you will need six drops of Miracle Mineral Solution in a clean glass. Then add 50 percent citric acid and shake to mix the two. To treat the infection, place the open side of the glass on the infected area in such a way that the entire area is covered in the glass. You must ensure that the MMS gas doesn’t get an escape route so as to ensure its effectiveness.

MMS solution is a potent pathogen destroyer that can treat almost every stubborn condition out there. It has many well-known benefits when the recommended dose is taken.