MMS Benefits

MMS Benefits


Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is a solution product that was designed by Jim Humble, a former aero scope engineer. He has tested the MMS protocol in Malawi and other parts of Africa. The supplement was first used as a malaria treatment, but it is now widely used in treating and reversing effects of AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, cancers and other hard to treat ailments.MMS Supplement Molecule - A Duel Chlorine Dioxide Structioe...

MMS contains Sodium Chlorite as the active ingredient. When activated, it turns to chlorine dioxide. This is a harmless substance and is similar to the chlorine that is in sea salt or table salt. Typically, the chlorine dioxide will oxidase and break down ant harmful substances found in the body.

While FDA has been against the use of MMS, the supplement has continually won the hearts of many users. Most of the users give positive feedback which has led to increased popularity. In this article, we will highlight several ways in which Miracle Mineral supplement is beneficial to the user.

MMS Supplement Molecule...

The first way in which you are likely to benefit from using MMS is that it helps in the destruction of microorganisms within the system. It destroys various types of organisms such as moulds, yeast, bacteria, fungus and other disease-causing parasites. This supplement inhibits the development of the unique protein that boosts the growth of the virus thus killing it. The level of effectiveness of MMS is worth noting; it takes between four hours and four weeks to kill the disease-causing organisms, and in most cases, this is usually less than a week.

Another benefit of MMS is that it acts as a neutralizer. The Miracle Mineral Supplement neutralizes any foreign substances within the body. The supplement will oxidase the toxic substances hence neutralizing and detaching them from the body and eventually gets rid of them.

A Cluster of Bacteria...MMS is Effective in Killing Bacteria, Viruses, etc...
MMS further oxidizes heavy metals within the body. Metal build-up can lead to other severe problems like malfunctioning of the thyroid glands, and other endocrine glands as well as the nervous system, the brain and liver. MMS will oxidize the metals and neutralize them and then get rid of them.

MMS is useful in healing burns especially type 3 injuries. When applied to a burn wound, MMS will neutralize poison that is generated by the burn as soon as it is applied or within a few hours of use. When using it for injuries, it is recommendable that the solution is left on the wound for not more than five minutes, but if the pain doesn’t stop, it can be used in short spans that don’t exceed five minutes.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement has many known uses. In fact, it can be used to treat thousands of illnesses that are hard to remedy. It is used to boost immunity, and destroy and neutralise harmful substances within the body. As long as you take the recommended doses of the MMS protocols, then you will get the results that you desire. It has little-known side effects which are mainly a result of taking an overdose. The side effects are mild and include diarrhoea and nausea.