DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide...

DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide

DMSO is a non toxic, odorless crystalline compound, & is used in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry for its trans dermal qualities. This means that the DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) compound allows for a deeper penetration of a given material / substance into bodily tissue or via the skin.

DMSO has also been used by itself for its numerous therapeutic & detoxifying qualities.

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Please Note: Be sure to study the appropriate information when using the DMSO & always begin with a small amount & slowly increase as required.

DMSO (Dymethyl Sulfoxide) has been used  for decades now for various veterinary applications - largely in the equine industry. As this compound is so versatile it has been used for injuries ranging from neurological issues to inflammation. In its natural pure state DMSO will be a clear, syrupy liquid that has a pungent sulfur like smell. It may interest you to know that this compound was first discovered as a by product to pulp manufacturing back in the 1960's - with it not taking long to be considered as a possible miracle substance. Unfortunately at the time there were compliance issues with the FDA so it was shelved for a few decades - though within the last 10 years it has become more & more popular in the equine industry & has gradually regained scientific acceptance.

Due to the molecular structure of DMSO & its amazing therapeutic versatility it is quickly becoming a base for many trans dermal applications. DMSO is VERY similar to the chemical make up of water with its size, polarity & shape - giving rise to 3 very important features.

1)... DMSO mixes with water extraordinarily well - regardless of the ratio between the two. Dr Jacobs (being the premiere researcher on DMSO) has stated that the DMSO - water bond is in fact 1.3 times stronger than a water - water bond. What this means is that ANYTHING that DMSO is mixed with will be pulled deeply into target tissues within the body.

2}... It is interesting to note that when water & DMSO are mixed together 6 atoms of hydrogen are shared & act like very powerful magnets - giving the ability to dissolve, breakdown, & get a strong "purchase" onto larger molecules of complex structures without fundamentally changing their basic structure. This basically means the DMSO can exert a strong pulling force on the desired compounds more deeply into bodily tissue structures.

3)... DMSO has the unique ability to move through bodily tissues with as much ease as water - but what makes DMSO special as it does this WITHOUT any damage to bodily tissues. In addition it can also replace water molecules from specific tissues & replace them with the desired compound - thus adding to its therapeutic nature!  Dymethyl Sulfoxide has the ability to alter the permeability of the cellular membrane - thus allowing entry of different compounds into bodily tissues that ordinarily would not be given permission to enter.

If you would like further information regarding the full scope of what DMSO can do & how it is best used, then a book written by Dr Morton Walker called "DMSO - Natures Healer" is  well worth the read...