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1) What is Chlorine Dioxide - Is it similar to regular chlorine?
2) What are the payment options?
3) How secure is my payment?
4) How is my order delivered?
5) Is there a money back guarantee?


1) What is Chlorine Dioxide - Is it Similar to regular chlorine?

This product when activated liberates a compound called chlorine dioxide - a molecule composed of 1 part Chlorine Dioxide Molecule... chlorine & 2 parts oxygen. This compound has been used in the food & water sanitation industries for going on 60 years now - to kill biofilm & bacterial, viral & fungal contaminants in water respectively. The chlorine element is one of the most abundant in nature, & is constantly seeking to bind with other elements - & this is why it is found more often than not in its bound state. Table salt is a good example of chlorine being bound to other elements.

On the other hand, the chlorine element typically forms diatomic chlorine - meaning an entirely different chemical structure than chlorine dioxide.

Even though both chlorine & chlorine dioxide have the element chlorine in common, this is about the ONLY common thing they share! It is interesting to note both chlorine dioxide & chlorine are strong oxidizers, though the the way in which they do this is in vastly different ways. The chlorine molecule destroys all biological tissue without discrimination - it will kill BOTH healthy & diseased tissue. Chlorine dioxide on the other hand has the impressive ability to selectively choose between healthy & diseased tissue - doing so by actively removing electrons from diseased tissue & pathogenic stressors. The mechanics / working behind the chlorine dioxide molecule - read more here..

The chlorine dioxide molecule has been used by the EPA for effectively controlling pathogenic elements in our water supply for going on 6 decades now - even the deadly anthrax pathogen stands little chance against the highly bio active chlorine dioxide molecule.

This product is a standardized solution of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite in a solution of distilled water. As mentioned earlier the chlorine dioxide molecule has been around for many decades now - being used in both the food & water sanitation industries.


Chloirne / chlorine dioxide Molecule - How MMS is Different...Chlorine is a chemical element with an atomic number of 17 & a symbol of Cl. Chlorine exists as a green / yellow gas under normal conditions, where it stabilizes in a Cl2 diatomic form. Chlorine is commercially used for bleaching & disinfectant applications, along with being a very important reagent within the chemical industry.

Chlorine Dioxide has an uneven number of valence electrons, with a chemical symbol of ClO2. This compound also has a green / yellow gas - but this is where all similarities end. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer, which means it will readily accept electrons - known as an electron donor". This is important to note as MOST of all pathogenic stressors & tissue that is diseased are effectively destroyed - whilst sparing healthy tissue & cellular structures within the body are not touched. See a greater explanation here.


2) What are your payment methods?

All of our products can be purchased from this website using our online payment gateway, which is entirely safe & secure - without retaining any of your payment details (which means you will be charged once & once only. As mentioned below we use a very secure & well known payment gateway, in which full encryption & data protection is employed for all transactions - providing you with a seamless & entirely secure purchasing experience.


3) How secure is my payment when using this website?

Purchasing on this website with your credit card is entirely safe, We use a payment gateway that is very secure & has long standing within the industry (in which we have used without issue for the past 6 years). The payment gateway we us is very well known within the online merchant facility world & is called If there is any issue with delivery / non receipt of your product then you will be refunded in full.


4) How is my order delivered?

Your order is shipped ALWAYS within 24 hour or making a purchase - often sooner (either on the same day or early the next). Upon dispatch you will receive full tracking for your order, along with usage information as well. Depending upon the country you are ordering from you can use the default country specific postal service website & enter the tracking number we provide you - this will often bring up more specific tracking information.The tracking number will be found at the end of the provided tracking link & will begin with two letters & end in two letters (with numbers in between).

Please be sure to check your address is complete when filling your details - along with your MOST used email address as this is where your tracking will be sent, along with your usage / instructional information.


5) Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a full money back guarantee - if you for any reason are not satisfied with your product / order from us then please let us know & we will provide a full refund. All you need to do is contact us via email & we will begin the process.