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Attention: The ingredients that we use for our products are of a professional food grade. An exacting formulation of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite is used for the MMS, along with a 4% solution of laboratory grade HCL (hydrochloric acid) for the activator, being of the purest grade and ACS certified. Our raw substrate is sourced from an ISO 9001 : 2000 approved company.

Note: We use a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) No. 2 food grade non leaching plastic for the MMS kit. The DMSO is shipped in a dark amber glass bottle.

MMS Supplement Five Pack Kit...

MMS Solution  - 5 Bottle Pack

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MMS Supplement - Single Kit

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MMS Solution 5 Pack Kit...

MMS 5 Pack + DMSO

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MMS Double Kit +1 Bottle of DMSO...MMS 2 Pack + DMSO

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MMS Single Kit + 1 Bottle of DMSO...

MMS 5 Pack + DMSO

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This is a two part kit that when mixed together in an equal ratio will product the pathogen killing chlorine dioxide molecule. This potent gas is very water soluble, & has been found to be deadly against fungi, molds, yeast & bacteria. The chlorine dioxide molecule works by breaking down the biofilm that is responsible for the pathogen's defense mechanism - once compromised the pathogen quickly dies.

Few people realize that chlorine dioxide has been actively used in our municipal water supplies for close to 70 years now. This potent little molecule is highly soluble in water, having a high level of stability & being deadly to virtually ALL pathogens - thus being a perfect chemical for the job. One of the main areas of contention out there regarding this molecule is that it is often confused with being the same as the elemental form of chlorine. If truth be told there is very little commonality between chlorine & chlorine dioxide - they are structurally different & work in entirely different ways.  Learn more about the differences on our FAQ page.

In its basic form it may interest you to know that this product has been sold in health food shops for 8 decades now in the form of sodium chlorite - being sold as "liquid Oxygen". The mineral / salt sodium chlorite can be mined from nature, though it is cheaper to manufacture via modern industrial techniques. In this form  sodium chlorite is sold as a product that can be added to water to make it potable - either whilst camping or whilst being in foreign countries where water quality is questionable. The reason it works off the shelf like this is that it still contains small amounts of the active chlorine dioxide - though the magic really happens when a little acid is mixed with it (such as a mild solution of HCL). This liberates a MUCH greater amount of chlorine dioxide - hence the product we now have today.

It should be known that Chlorine Dioxide does NOT cure anything - but rather destroys pathogenic stressors that are responsible for less than optimum health. The body heals itself - we are merely providing a little assistance...

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