Applications of the WPS Water Purification Product

Chlorine dioxide (more commonly known in alternative health as the MMS Supplement, or MMS1) is a chemical oxidizer withClose up of Bacteria... the ability to enter the body and assist to  destroy biofilm related issues. It also can assist the chelation of heavy metals found in the body and other poisons. Chlorine dioxide moves through the blood and other organs without causing any damage or reaction of any kind. It is selective in the type of bacteria that it destroys and will not touch the beneficial species. The reason is that it is a very weak oxidizer.

Sodium chlorite is quite benign in its natural state - basically being a salt suspended in a solution of water. When a certain amount of acid is added to the solution then the chlorine dioxide gas is liberated from solution. Sodium chlorite just in its natal state is often sold as liquid oxygen - also used for water purification. Again, in alternative health forums the chlorine dioxide in solution is better known as the MMS Solution - a product put together by a man called Jim Humble perhaps a good15 years ago now.

1. Oxidization of Heavy Metals

Chlorine dioxide has been found to assist with the chelation of  heavy metals found in the body. Several tests have been previously carried out on the root’s of a person’s hair before and after using this compound for this purpose. After about two weeks there were less amounts of the metals. The root hairs are a good indication of the presence or absence of the heavy metals. When heavy metals are oxidized, they are neutralized and washed out of the body. This is a fairly common reason as to why people do use the MMS Solution.

Chlorine Dioxide & its Viral Killing Benefits...

Neutralizing Foreign Matter
Chlorine Dioxide moves throughout the water supplies killing bacterial components & such. When such materials get oxidized, they are offset and washed out of the body. These toxins are attached at various locations and hinder the functioning of the body. When they get oxidized, they get detached and flushed out of the body similar to the heavy metals.

Destruction of Microorganisms
The chlorine dioxide molecule kills organisms including fungus, bacteria, molds, yeast and other parasites that cause illnesses. The molecule uses a different mechanism from the one it uses to kill bacteria and other microorganisms when it comes to destroying bacterial pathogen stressors It can efficiently kill the disease-causing organisms between four hours and four weeks but often in less than a week. The MMS Supplement for many has been a go to for water borne issues - such as unpalatable well water & the like.

Arsenic - Do NOT Poison your Body with Toxins.Useful for Removing Poisons from the Body...

When an adequate amount of chlorine dioxide is taken, it  has been thought oxidize some forms of poisons from snakes and other poisonous animals.

Poisons generated by burns particularly type three wounds can be neutralized by applying the miracle mineral supplement. However, sodium chlorite shouldn’t be left on more than five minutes. It should be rinsed off with water after this period. You can do this twice for a total of 10 minutes. But, if the pain continues, you can keep putting MMS on the burn for short spans but not more than five minutes.

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) has many recommendable benefits. It is an immune booster and acts on the pathogens by oxidizing them and changing them into more neutral forms that can be removed from the body. It has many diverse uses that can be relied on.