How does Miracle Mineral Solution Help Kill Harmful Pathogens?

Miracle Mineral Solution is fast becoming popular, a wonder-drink claiming it can eliminate harmful Pathogens in the body.

Most of the world’s terminal diseases are usually caused by harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites that enter the body and settle within the body, causing us to fall sick. If the body immune system is not boosted radically or lack blood-stream chemical that can detect and eliminate those harmful pathogens, then the individual will suffer greatly from sickness.

MMS makes claim as being the ultimate weapon for boosting the immune system. It provides the immune system unfair supremacy over pathogens and germs that accumulate in the body.

Viruses are much smaller than bacteria and hence cannot be eliminated in the same way as bacteria. While bacteria are eliminated by an explosive oxidation reaction, viruses are eliminated by preventing a virus from developing over time. Miracle Mineral Solution prevents the growth of protein which the virus requires to grow into its final configuration and thus killing the virus.

It is recommended, to extend the MMS present in the body where viral diseases exist so that the viruses are prevented from maturing and reproducing.

Miracle Mineral Solution protocols

For viral infections, usually, the chlorine dioxide is required to be present in low-dose amounts for a minimum of 12 hours or longer. In contrast, for bacterial infections, large of Miracle Mineral Solution is required in the morning, noon, and evening to effectively kill the bacteria. The activated MMS remains present within the body only for about one hour. Thus, a small amount of MMS intake every hour is required to keep the viruses from developing and die before reaching maturity.

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